First Swimming Pool

The first swimming pool in the Faroe Islands was built at Úti í Grøv, Klaksvík, in 1905 – 1906. The swimming pool was built with layered rocks, which later were covered with concrete. At a later day, a changing room and a room for the supervisor were built.

This was a significant improvement for swimmers in the area. Swimming had become popular some time before the swimming pool was built as boys started to swim in the bay. Deeming this to be inadequate, the new pool was built in order to have a proper place to swim.

A shallow pool was added in 1937 for the younger children. The children were taught to swim at school. At first only the boys received lessons, but when the facilities in the changing rooms were improved, lessons for the girls commenced as well.

The swimming pools Úti í Grøv received their water from the great streams running down the hill. Every summer, when the weather allowed it, people from Klaksvík enjoyed a swim in the pools.

The public indoor swimming pool opened in 1974.

Today there is no water in the old swimming pools, but benches have been placed in them, sitting on them, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in Úti í Grøv.