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Kalsoy – Local’s Choice

Kalsoy island is featured in the new James Bond movie No Time to Die. Scenes were filmed in Trøllanes and the amazing nature surrounding the small village. Now it is possible to follow in the footsteps of James Bond, agent 007 on Kalsoy island. Make sure to book the James Bond 007 | Official Faroe Islands Tour 



Fishing Along the Shore

Syðradalur is a veritable paradise for those who wish to go fishing on the shore. The people of Syðradalur are said to be very strong because they eat liver and a lot of coalfish. These can be caught along the shore and to the south at Galvin, and it is said to be one of the best places in the Faroes for fishing coalfish. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the old villagers that used to go fishing by the shore in Syðradalur, we recommend Eltræi – a large rock to the south of the village. Good fishing grounds can also be found at the quay and the ferry berth. It is said that the larger coalfish came close to the shore on ‘Hálvarssøka’ on the 15th May and that they could be caught there well into the fall.

If you go fishing along the shore, then please remember to wear a safety jacket and appropriate footwear. The current is very strong by the shoreline.



Visit the outdoor swimming pool at Tjørn

The river Kvíggjará cascades down the mountains and creates a calm atmosphere around the dam where for decades the children of Húsar have learnt to swim (8). The large boulder by the pond once served as a changing room, and the waterfall acted as the shower after swim class. The pond is excellent for rowing in a rubber boat and for catching trout. When the sun is out in the summertime, the pond gets warm enough to swim and wade in, but there are also excellent opportunities to enjoy a nice moment on dry land.



The Viewpoint Úti á 100

At Úti á 100 you can enjoy an exceptional view of Kunoy, the Selkie and the village. It is said that the place got its name after 100 men were pushed off the hill, but today this is a beautiful and peaceful place. Below the road lies Glaðingarsteinur. In the old days, this was the place where the villagers lit fires to signal to the people on Kunoy that pilot whales had been sighted.



The Viewpoint at Niðri á Bakka

From this place you can enjoy the magnificent view of Enniberg and Kunoyarnakki all year round. In July and August, there are plenty of opportunities to see puffins that inhabit the nesting site just below the village. The last couple of years the puffin has not been caught in Trøllanes due to the drastic decline in the bird population, but the cliff nesting birds have been essential for Trøllanes, historically. To the right you can see Rættarnev where young boys used to practice catching birds. It is an old tradition that if the waves broke over Rættarnev, it was not advised to set out to fish.


Take heed: The villagers in Trøllanes harbour deep respect for the forces of nature and the surf, which can break suddenly and sweep people out to sea. Tourists are advised against going down to Stíggj (the landing place). The path is falling apart and could give way to the pressure.