Svínoy is reachable by helicopter or by the old postal route served by the ferryboat Ritan. Taking in breath-taking view, the journey is worth it for the boat trip.

On the island of Svínoy there are plenty of walks. The magnificent views will take your breath away. Svínoy is relatively flat and so easy to go for a walk on.

Svínoy is one of the first settlements in the Faroe Islands, first mentioned in the Færeyinga Saga in AD 975 as the place where the Viking chief Bjarni of Svínoy (Svínoyar-Bjarni) lived.

According to old legends, Svínoy was known as an island that floated around in the fog. It is said that an old woman from Fugloy made the island settle on the seabed, and there it has stayed put ever since.

Svínoy – Local’s Choice

The Church in Svínoy