Svínoy – Local’s Choice

Hike to Skoragjógv

The walk begins at Dansistovan and is an easy hike on the flat landscape – around 1 km each way. Stop by Svínasteinur where it is said that the sow stopped when Svínoy was fixed to the bottom of the sea, and continue to Dvørgasteinur where it is thought that midgets reside. Grass grows on top of these enormous boulders underneath the road. Follow the road until you arrive at the gate and then walk on through the level landscape. Remember to stop by Oyggjarshellið where it is said that the legendary Árant Úti í Bø stole sheep. It is said that a milk tub that fell into the sea by the gorge in Yvuri í Dal later surfaced by the mouth of the gorge Skoragjógv. Therefore, it is speculated that the gorge stretches like a small tunnel underneath the entire island of Svínoy.


Follow the drawn up route and turn down to the foreshore 100 metres before the gorge. It is dangerous to approach the mouth of the gorge, and the gorge is only accessible by sea.