Toll charges

 You have to pay a road toll to use the sub-sea tunnels. The road toll is to be paid at a petrol station, either at a “Magn” or “Effo” station.


Vehicles up to 6 m and and weighing up to 3,500 kg: DKK 100 (approx. EUR 13*)


Vehicles over 6m and/or weighing more than 3,500 kg: DKK 300 (approx. EUR 40*)


The prices stated are for a return trip. You are only charged when driving from Vágar through Vágatunnilin, and driving from Klaksvík through Norðoyatunnilin.


* Please note: Exchange rates may change




You may also buy a subscription at the price of DKK 600 (approx. EUR 83*) or DKK 1,200 (approx. EUR167*). The subscription is valid for both tunnels and available at Visit Norðoy.

With a subscription the price for driving through Vágatunnilin is DKK 30 (approx. EUR 4*) and DKK 30 (approx. EUR 4*) for passing through Norðoyatunnilin.

All prices listed are for a return journey. Vehicles are only registered when driving from Vágar to Streymoy when passing through Vágatunnilin and when driving from Klaksvík to Leirvík through Norðoyatunnilin.


Subscription can also be obtained by contacting the tunnel operators by telephone (+298 350200), e-mail ( or post (Hoyvíksvegur 65, 100 Torshavn).


* The EUR prices are approximates only and may change with fluctuations in exchange rates.