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Situated in the North Atlantic, getting to the Faroe Islands may seem like an operation in itself. But with increasing airlines flying to the Faroe Islands, it’s getting more and more easy. Atlantic Airways is the Faroese airline, which has routes to Copenhagen, Reykjavík, Edinbourgh and Bergen all year round plus to Barcelona and other Southeuropean destinations during summer.

SAS airline is also operating on the route between Copenhagen and Vágar.

The airport is in Vágar a little bit more than an hour from Klaksvík the second largezt town in the Faroe Islands, where our office is.

Smyril Line‘s Norrøna is currently the only ferry sailing to the Faroe Islands. It sails from Denmark. It takes approximately 36 hours. And the harbour is Tórshavn, also only one hour from Klaksvík.

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