See & Do

When visiting the Northern Isles, you should prepare for an adventure where history and culture merge with nature. You can sail between the islands, drive to the small quaint villages, hike the hills and experience the islands on a bike.

The Northern Isles offer a wide range of experiences. You can sail with the small ferryboat Ritan to Svínoy and Fugloy. The boat sails close to the islands and their rich birdlife, and if you are lucky, you might spot a seal relaxing on a rock.

On the sailing boat Dragin, you can become a deep sea fisherman for a day or simply enjoy a few relaxing hours on-board this historical vessel.

Explore the dark tunnels on Kalsoy on a bike. On this trip you may want to stop in Mikladalur and see the magnificent statue of the legendary Seal Woman.

Challenge yourself and hike to the cliff Enniberg, or, if you prefer, take a relaxing Sunday drive to the island of Kunoy.

The choice is yours, and we are happy to help you plan your trip.