Explore the Faroe Islands on two wheels

In the Northern isles you can take your bike on a journey through the dark tunnels on Kalsoy. On your way, take a break in Mikladalur to see the statue of the legendary seal woman or visit the old smithy in Trøllanes that has been turned into an economusée.

Klaksvík is also a good town to experience on a bike. The trip to the park Úti í Grøv is recommended. It is an easy and exceptionally beautiful trip.

However, these are just two options among many, and how you wish to explore the Northern Isles on a bike is entirely up to you.

In the PDF cycling in the Faroe Islands you will find some routes on how to explore the islands. Note that route 3 and 4 are in our area. The only thing that has changed is, that you don’t arrive with a ferry to Klaksvík anymore, but with car or bus.

Cycling in the Faroe Islands

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