Excursion to the Island Kalsoy

Every day, in all kinds of weather, the car-ferry Sam sails faithfully between Klaksvík and Kalsoy. Take a trip to Kalsoy! It is one of the most distinct islands in the Faroes with its long, narrow shape and myriad of tunnels that link the four delightful villages on the island’s east coast.

The four villages on Kalsoy are Syðradalur, Húsar, Mikladalur and Trøllanes. The ferry calls at Syðradalur, and if you would like to go ashore, a bus can take you through five tunnels all the way to the village of Trøllanes.

It is worth to make a stop in Mikladalur to see the astonishing statue of the seal woman by the shore.

In Trøllanes you can enjoy the fertile green valley and visit the old smithy – an economusée where you can experience traditional craftsmanship.

Kalsoy is a place where culture and nature merge. It is easily accessed and always worth a visit.

Visit Norðoy arranges several different trips to Kalsoy. We also provide general information about the island and travel plans.

Travel plans are also to be found at www.ssl.fo