Excursion to the Island of Kunoy

Kunoy is the highest island in the Faroes, its ridge ranging from 444 to 830 metres. The village of Kunoy on the west coast is famous for its beautiful setting and views of Kalsoy. Watching the sun set here on a summer night is a special experience. The scenery is spectacular and the sense of peace is almost tangible. There is a charming little park near the village and in the village itself you will find an old, preserved mill that is still operational.

When driving over the causeway between Borðoy and Kunoy there is a lovely view of Haraldssund to the north and of Klaksvík to the south.

Kunoy is easily accessible by car or you can take the regional bus.

Visit Norðoy provides practical information about the island of Kunoy and bus timetables.

Travel information can also be found on www.ssl.fo