Floksmannadagar (Cultural Event) in Hattarvík 2018

Thursday, July 5th and Saturday, July 7th, we offer a special experience with gastronomy and culture of scenic experiences in Hattarvík on Fugloy. Consept’s development cooperation between the local well-known TV chef Gutti Winther and the local farmer Símun Gullaksen originally cooperation in the television program larder – 18 islands and 18 special dining experiences. Central experience is braised lamb being buried in the ground and roasted on underground hot stones for about 5 hours.

The experience starts in Hvannasund pm. 8:45, where the ferry “Ritan”, sailing guests to Hattarvík. The trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes and participants can enjoy sightseeing from the ferry and otherwise see Viðoy, Svínoy and Fugloy from the lake.

On arrival at Hattarvík, guests are received at the dock and taken straight up to the fireplace where the fire and cooking the main meal takes place.

Then, breakfast is served with Faroese specialties, such as dried lamb, sausage, eggs etc. – All own production from the farm.

Once breakfast is finished, we take a medium heavy hike up at the magnificent mountain “Eystfelli” accompanied by the place known guides and assistants. Along the edge of the cliff, we enjoy the magnificent views from just over 400 meters in height and has a seating above Leypurskor where there is one prize-ram every year. During your stay you will be served dried ram-meat, from this area and a special snaps with ingredients from Leypurskor.

When we come down from the mountain you will be received by the chef who severer tapas with Faroese specialties and attend then all the exciting excavation of the meal. Meanwhile the chef and his assistants wreaking, we get a glimpse into Faroese food culture and history before everyone sits down to dinner.

There will be further served a special brew from the brewery Føroya Bjór with local ingredients.

During board assembly will be entertainment with music and historic speech.

Then we end with the Faroese chain dance in which everyone participates.

Departure from Hattarvík ferry “Ritan” is around noon. 19:45

The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Price. person 1.795,00 DKR. (All Inclusive)


For registration follow this link