Christianskirkjan, the Lutheran church in Klaksvík, was consecrated on 7 July 1963, and is dedicated to the memory of the Faroese sailors who lost their lives during World War Two.


Christianskirkjan is the first large church in the Northern countries, which is constructed with inspiration from the old Viking halls and the common hall in old Faroese homes. The roof construction appears to be very well suited for churches – Chirstiankirkjan’s acoustics are said to be better than in other Faroese churches of the same size.


The altarpiece originally hung in Viborg Cathedral, Denmark but was later moved to the Danish National Museum of Art before it finally was installed in the church in Klaksvík, where it is still to be found.


The altarpiece was restored in 2012. Conservators from all over the world came to restore this extraordinary altarpiece. In this period, other parts of the church were refurbished as well. The restoration was completed for the 50th anniversary of the church in 2013, which was marked with a grand celebration.


For the churches 50th anniversary, the artist Edward Fuglø and the artisan       Sjúrður Sólstein made an impressive work of art for the church called “Jesus from Nazareth.” It consists of ten pieces, each piece depicting a story from the life of Jesus.


Christianskirkjan is open to visitors Monday to Saturday from 15 May to 15 Sep. We advise visitors to give a gift of 10 DKK pr. pers. to the church.


Church services are held on Sundays, 11 a.m.