Local Museum

The Museum of the Northern Isles is situated in a historical building, which was built in 1838 and housed the Danish Royal Trade Monopoly. The Museum of the Northern Isles was established in 1968.

In one of the museum’s two rooms, tools used in an era now long gone are displayed–fishing equipment, kitchen utensils and other tools that were used in an average Faroese household in ages past. The museum also has a great collection of historical photos.

The other room is called The Pharmacy. Though built as a draper’s shop in 1919, it functioned as a pharmacy between 1932 and 1961. The pharmacy has been kept as it was. The old medicine bottles, tools, work chairs and everything else is still there, preserved completely. When you enter, you get the sense of stepping back in time.


The museum is open from 15 May to 15 September.

Openings hours are Monday – Saturday, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.