Fugloy – Local’s Choice


The Viewpoint at Bakka

You are in the middle of the bay where the waves have broken against the flat rocky beach for centuries. Straight ahead, you can see the ancient surge through which the villagers of Hattarvík have toiled to bring boats and goods to shore. You can see the tip of Svínoy, but other than that the horizon is endless. To the left you can see Múlubakki, and to the right you can see the quay and Trøllagjógv.



The View from the Village

It is no coincidence that the painter Sámal Joensen-Mikines used the view from Kirkja as a subject. From the scenic village there is a magnificent view of the islands Svínoy, Viðoy and Borðoy, that proudly rise from the sea in front of you. It is worth stopping and enjoying the view that inspired not only the paintings of Mikines but also the poetry of S.P. Zachariassen.

Be careful when approaching the landing-place or the quay as the current is rather strong along the coast.