Kunoy – Local’s Choice


A walk through the village. The path leads you to the church, the village districts and through the Plantation. The walk takes about half an hour and is an excellent way to experience the village and enjoy the beautiful view over the fjord and the island of Kalsoy.

Some Good Advice. The hike to Skarð is a challenging, steep and tough hike. It is highly discouraged to attempt this hike without a competent local guide. Contact Visit Norðoy regarding a possible hiking trip and always let someone know if you are planning to venture outside the stone walls that border the infield of the village.



A hike along the path above the village. The route passes the foundations of the mine house. During the Second World War, this was the place that people fled to whenever there was a risk of mines drifting onto the shore.

The viewpoint where you get a chance to get close to the prolific bird life. Arctic tern, heron, common murre, common eider, different types of gull, and sometimes even the Atlantic puffin, can be seen here.

A scientific expedition at Fiskimøl. Fiskimøl is a place on the beach where driftwood and other things that were valuable in the old days wash ashore. Go and have a look – maybe you will find some interesting artefact that has drifted onto the beach.



Follow the brook up to Dalur and gain an insight into the unbelievable toil and imagination which formed the villagers of Skarð. When the village was moved in 1824, the villagers got to work on redirecting part of the river towards the new village. The brook was dug with simple tools, and it must have been backbreaking work. A lock was constructed so that the water could be led down to Kleivin, but the lock is now gone. From Dal, there is a magnificent view of Skarðsgjógv. The place names above the village of Skarð indicate that people used the sun and the mountains as a kind of clock. Miðdagsfjall, Midday Mountain, lies to the south of Skarðsgjógv and to the north you can see Nónskarð (nón is at three o’clock in the afternoon) and Halga Vesturgjógv (4.30 in the afternoon). The hike lasts about 20 minutes each way.

Out of respect for the history of Skarð and the descendants of its villagers, visitors should refrain from removing any remains or artefacts from the area.