Viðoy – Local’s Choice



Uppi á Váli, where you can experience the famous sunset and view of Kunoy and Borðoy the entire summer.

Uppi við Garð, offers a view of all six of the Northern Islands. Look to the west and you will see Múli on Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy. Turn to the east and you will see Fugloy and Svínoy.


Easy and beautiful hike on Villingardalsfjall (begins at Uppi í Garð). Distance: about 6 km, duration: 3-4 hours.

Viðareiði is the link to the sea cliff Enniberg. The people from Viðareiði discourage tourists from going on this hike without a guide, because it can be dangerous. The landscape is very steep, the path is difficult and the fog can appear very suddenly.


A walk along the old road The route begins where the ferry, Ritan, departs and passes the oldest district in Hvannasund. Interesting remains from the past can be seen: The remains of the skimming house, where cheese was manufactured, and the foundation of Sornhúsið, where grain was milled into flour. There is also an original cod-liver oil pot where cod-liver was melted into oil. The walk ends at the church parking space which is the place where the villagers used to dry fish.


Catching crabs in the foreshore. The shore is teeming with life, and it is safe to play and wade here.