Diving as an activity is becoming more and more popular in the Faroe Islands. The beautiful, varied and unspoilt seabed found in the crystal clear water surrounding the 6 islands in the north is simply very special. The excellent diving sites provide a great platform for exploring seaweed forests, fantastic drop-offs and grottos with exciting animal life.

It is of great importance that you never dive alone. Make sure you are always dive with someone else. We recommend that a qualified leader with local knowledge supervises every dive.

Faroe Dive

Faroe Dive are offering tours in the area of the Northern Islands. Faroe Diving offer:

• Air tank refilling
• Diving instructors
• Sale and hire of equipment
• Arranger of diving courses

Contact Faroe Dive for more details.



Make sure to bring a torch for every dive, so that you can explore cracks and look under rocks and fully appreciate the splendid colours and nuances of the flora and fauna. Who knows, you might even end up diving with seals!

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