Fishing and Angeling

The Faroese people have always been deeply connected to the sea and its riches. Whether it was standing patiently at the edge of the quay, waiting for the fish to bite, or hauling fish nets into the fishing boats, fishing has been an integral part of life on the islands. At the turn of the 20th century, fishing became more and more industrialized. Today, the fishing industry is the largest provider of income and export for the Faroe Islands.

Fishing for coalfish on the shore is one of the easiest ways to go fishing in the Faroe Islands, and it is also an excellent way to experience the beautiful Faroese scenery. All you need is a rod and a quay. Some of the best places for fishing coalfish would be Kósábrúgvin, the quay in Hvannasund or Norðdepil, and Skoragjógv in Kirkja.

If you prefer fishing for trout or salmon, you will have better luck fishing in lakes and rivers. At Visit Norðoy, we sell fishing permits from The Faroe Islands Fishing Club. The permits apply to the following lakes: Leynavatn, Mjáuvøtn, and Saksunarvatn. The prices range from 350 kr. for a day-card to 900 kr. for a weekly card. Prices may be subject to annual changes. Remember to check The Faroe Islands Fishing Club’s website for rules and regulation regarding permitted equipment and respecting the local wildlife.

Fishing season: Leynavatn and Saksunarvatn between 15th of June – 17th of October. The beach of Leynar between October 1st – 15th of June. Bear in mind that fishing in Saksun is not allowed on Sundays between 11.00 am – 2.00 pm due to the local church service. In Leynar, no fishing is permitted on Sundays.