Trip with Ritan to Svínoy and Fugloy

The small ferryboat M/S Ritan sails faithfully between some of the most remote islands – Viðoy, Svínoy and Fugloy. M/S Ritan sails the same route as the old post boat Másin served from 1959 until a few years ago.

The route is exceptionally beautiful. The boat sails close to land, allowing passengers to see the wild birdlife on the cliffs, sheep grazing on the steep hills and maybe even a group of seals enjoying a beautiful day on the rocky shore.

M/S Ritan is the lifeline to the mainland for the people in Hattarvík and Kirkja on Fugloy and the villagers of Svínoy, but tourists are also welcome on-board. Travel plans are to be found at


Departure point: Ferry berth in Hvannasund

Days: All days of the week

Price: DKK 40 for a round trip

Duration: 2-8 hours

Availability: Year-round, weather permitting