Religion is an integral part of Faroese society and culture. A total of 62 churches and nine houses of prayer are spread out across the 14 parishes. The largest religious community belongs to the Faroese Evangelical Lutheran faith, comprising about 85 % of the population. The second largest religious community belongs to the Plymouth Brethren. Many other religious communities are also represented in the Faroe Islands, even though the number of followers remains small. These include the Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventists, the Catholic Church, Jehovah Witnesses, the Pentecostal Movement, the Bahá’i Faith and the Philadelphia congregation (a branch of the Pentecostal Movement).

In the Northern Islands, you will find Evangelical Lutheran churches in Mikladalur, Húsar, Kunoy, Klaksvík, Árnafjørður, Hvannasund, Viðareiði, Svínoy, Kirkja and Hattarvík.

The Sunday service is an excellent way to get the full experience of the Faroese churches. Here, you will also be able to hear Faroese singing. Please be considerate and respectful of the local churchgoers, and sit in for the entire service. The services usually last about an hour. You are welcome to strike up a conversation with the locals, but do not expect them to act as your guide. Be mindful not to keep them too long, as Sunday family dinners after the service is a revered tradition for some.

In most churches, service begins at noon, but in Klaksvík, Viðareiði and Árnafjørður, the service starts at 11 am. The free churches have religious meetings, either in the morning or the evening, and some, like Betesda in Klaksvík, have both.

Churches on the Northern Islands