Historical Hike to Katlarnar

A popular hiking trail that passes Áarskarð (429m) goes from the village Ánirnar, north of Klaksvík, to Árnafjørð. This path is not as well-trod as it used to be when it was the only way to reach Árnafjørð by land. This all changed, though, when the tunnel to Árnafjørð opened in 1967.

When you reach the mountain pass Áarskarð, you will see the village Árnafjørður to your right and the thingstead to your left. It takes about half an hour to walk from Áarskarð to the thingstead.

The village of Árnafjørður is believed to be one of the first settlements in the Faroe Islands, and before the tunnel opened, the village was very isolated.

Today, approximately 60 people live in Árnafjørður, and the town has a beautiful beach, a boat basin and a small quay. It is a charming place to visit. And if your are not up for the hike, you can always drive through the tunnel.

The ancient thingstead of the Northern Isles, which met from the Middle Ages to the late 1600s, was placed in Katlarnir above the village of Árnafjørður. A large boulder is placed in Katlarnir at 297 metres above sea level. The boulder is called Tingsteinur, and smaller stones are erected around it. No one knows how far back these stones date.

It is no coincidence that the thingstead was placed at Katlarnir, for this is the centre of the Northern Isles. The thingstead was later moved to Vági, which today is known as Klaksvík.


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