The Faroe Islands are an immensely popular destination for landscape photographers. The Northern Islands, with their steep mountains, deep valleys and majestic scenery, are perfect for photo tours.

During the winter, there is a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. The best time to look for the aurora borealis is usually around midnight on clear nights. If you want the best view, go to places where there are few or no street lights.

Viðareiði, in particular, offers a spectacular view, where you see a large part of the sky. To the west, you have Hellan, and to the east, you have Eiðisvík, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the ever-changing surf. The classic symbols of the Northern islands, the lighthouse at Kallur (north of Trøllanes) and the Seal Woman in Mikladalur, are well worth a visit. If you are up for walking, the trek from Hálsur to Klakkur presents you with plenty of impressive views. If you stop at the parking lot on the embankment in Hvannasund, you will have beautiful views on both sides, which are captivating in all kinds of weather.

These mentioned places are just some of many beatiful scenaries for photographing in the Northern Isles. For more information visit, call or write us at Norðoyar Kunningarstova.

It is good practice to always ask permission from the people you want to photograph.

Photos from your visit are important. The Faroe Islands are picture perfect but don’t risk your life for a picture. The ground may be more brittle than it looks, and you may experience sudden gusts of wind even on a beautiful summer day.


On the Faroe Islands there are regulations for Drones, here Visit Faroe Islands has an article about how to prepare, if you are planning to bring your drone to the country.