Trip to Hálsur and Klakkur

If you want too see Klaksvík and the neighbouring islands from above, then hike up to the viewpoint Hálsur, the pass between the mountains Hálgafelli (546 m) and Klakkur (414 m). It is an easy hike. You walk all the way from Klaksvík to Hálsur on a gravel road the locals call “the lovers’ path.” The hike takes about one hour from the tourist information office up to Hálsur. If you prefer to drive, this is possible as well.

At Hálsur you can find a spot called “Á Vaktini” (the watch post). Here people used to keep an eye out for pirates that ravaged and robbed the people of the Faroes in the past.

Hálsur is a relatively flat area, where you can enjoy the view over Klaksvík on one side and Eysturoy and Kalsoy on the other.

If you walk further up the mountain of Klakkur, you will see breath-taking views of Eysturoy and the village Leirvík to the west. To the northwest you will see Kalsoy and three of its villages, beginning from the south, Syðradalur, Húsar and Mikladalur. The northernmost village on Kalsoy, Trøllanes, is not visible. Across from you the island of Kunoy shoots up from the sea. To the south of Kunoy is Kunoyarnes, a headland protecting Klaksvík’s bay. The strait between Kunoy and Borðoy (to the east of Kunoy) is called Haraldssund. And finally, there is the view of Klaksvík and the surrounding mountains.


Good to know:
Please remember to take good care of the fragile nature and be careful around the birds and their nests. Always remember to wear good hiking shoes when walking around in the Faroese nature. And never forget to enjoy the view!