The Summer Festival in Klaksvík

The Summer Festival is a music event that takes place in the heart of Klaksvík. The festival is known for its mix of international pop stars, up-coming artists and the greatest folk singers and troubadours that the Faroe Islands have to offer.

Communal singing is a big part of the Faroese culture. Faroese parties often include a guitar and a book of Faroese songs that are sung by the guests until the early morning. If you want to experience a piece of this particularly Faroese tradition, the Summer Festival is the place to be.

International artists like Westlife, Melanie C, Ronan Keating, The Scorpions, Mika and Roxette have all stood on the festival’s biggest stage, Vágsbøur. The Summer Festival usually offers a legend or two, and you are guaranteed a great party and a good place to mingle with the Faroese.

There are camp sites, both for tents and caravans, or you can bring your own boat and stay in it.

There is also a special area for children called Silvaland.

The Summer Festival is for people of all ages. The only thing you need is the desire to join the revellers who listen to great music under the open sky and a pair of rubber boots (in case of rain).